Types of sharks

Sharks are among the most intriguing creatures on our planet. Since mankind first encountered sharks, there have always been a special attraction and interest manifested towards them. A mix a mystery, fear and respect always seemed to surround sharks like an aura. Now that we know more about them, although we still have so much more to learn, humans should be thankful for never having experienced an encounter with a Megalodon shark, known as the ancestor of the fierce Great White shark. Read and learn more information regarding the numerous types of sharks swimming our oceans, rivers and seas.

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As you already know, there are between 375 and 475 sharks species or types of sharks if you prefer. Unlike Hollywood's interpretation of sharks' nature, they are not killing machines like shown in the movie "Jaws". As a matter of fact, did you know that of all these species, about 80% of them are either unable to attack humans or unlikely to even come close to them? 

Did you also know that the types of sharks that may attack humans are most likely to do it because they confused them for a prey such as seal or as self-defense, feeling threatened by their presence? In fact, even the Great White shark which can go without eating for months at a time; they rarely attack for feeding purposes as humans are too bony for their taste. Interested in these facts and more? Why not read or watch documentaries about the types of sharks? You can find all these great resources at Discovery Channel Store.

If you wish to learn more information about sharks of a specific species such as: the Great White shark, the Bull shark, the Tiger shark, the Whale shark and much more, I invite you to read the articles that are related to this main page. Go ahead, sit back, relax and enjoy reading all about the numerous types of sharks!

Pictures of some of the numerous types of sharks


Basking Shark

This is a great Basking Shark specimen.


Blue Shark

This is a good photograph of a Blue Shark.


Great White Shark

This is a beautiful example of a Great White Shark.


Megamouth Shark

This photograph of the Megamouth Shark is surrounded by both respect and mystery.


Nurse Shark

This is a beautiful view of a Nurse Shark.


Whale Shark

While being the largest fish on the planet, the Whale Shark is considered to be a gentle giant.


Wobbegong Shark

This is an amazing photograph of the Wobbegong Shark also known as the Carpet Shark.


Zebra Shark

Although some species of the Zebra Shark have stripes, this specimen has spots instead.


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