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  • Where does the term "shark" originally comes from? What is the largest shark? What shark species is the smallest one? Is your curious mind filled with questions about sharks? Here are some answers!

  • The Great White shark is one of the shark species with the worst reputation. In fact, despite its label as a cold blooded killer, it is in fact one of the victims of mankind's cruelty. In fact, we know so little about them. Let's get to know them better!

  • The Bull shark belongs amongst the three most dangerous shark species roaming in our oceans. What else do you know about this type of shark? Here are some Bull shark facts!

  • Tiger sharks are known to be the second most dangerous shark to humans after the Great White shark. But what else do you know about these intriguing animals? Here are some Tiger shark facts!

  • Sharks' skin always looks so smooth to the touch. Is it really the case or is it an illusion?

  • Did you know that some shark species can reproduce without mating first? This natural phenomenon is called: parthenogenesis.

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  • Sharks have been linked to various activities, medicinal purposes, movies, history and even culinary delicacies. Are you curious to discover these topics? You have come to the right place!

  • Sharks are both intriguing and mysterious creatures. Why not learn all about them inside and out? Let's discover the shark anatomy!

  • Have you ever seen the movie "Jaws"? Well it represents the Hollywood version of shark attacks. Now what about watching "real" shark attack video clips? Listen and watch the testimonies of "real" shark attack victims that survived a "real" shark attack!

  • If you are fascinated by sharks and are interested to collect some original items under this theme, you came to the right place! Let's see why!

  • Sharks are both intriguing and mysterious creatures which is why there is a mix of facts and shark tales surrounding them. Which is a fact? Which is fictitious? Let's find out!

  • What are the latest news about sharks? Here are some news flash that will keep you updated!

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  • The Basking shark is amongst the largest sharks currently in our oceans, next to the Whale shark. What do people know about the Basking sharks? Not much, this is why I invite you to read all about it!

  • Did you know that the Blue shark is amongst the top ten most dangerous sharks likely to attack humans? What else do you know about this shark species besides its color? Let's get to know this species a little bit better!

  • The Broadnose Sevengill shark has a few unusual tricks up its sleeveā€¦I mean its fin. Let's discover that unusual fish!

  • The Lesser-Spotted Dogfish shark may be much smaller than its cousin the Whale shark and looks inoffensive compared to the Great White shark, the Bull shark or the Tiger shark but as we all know, looks can be deceiving at times. Let's discover it!

  • The Megamouth shark is one of the less known shark species swimming in our waters. Let's learn more about it!

  • The Nurse shark resembles a bit a cat fish with its barbells. Where does it get its name from? Is it known to be dangerous to humans? Let's find out!

  • Is it a ray, skate or a shark? Because of its finless body and flattened shape, the Pacific Angel shark can often be mistaken for a ray or a skate. After all, aren't sharks and rays closely related? Let's discover this shark species!

  • Known for both its speed and aggression, the Shortfin Mako shark has been declared to be dangerous to humans. A few shark attacks resulted in fatalities when facing this shark species. Let's learn about it even more!

  • Just like any other creature, sharks some unusual family members. One of them is none other than the Sixgill Sawshark itself. Let's discover this peculiar type of shark.

  • Hammerhead sharks are quite unique. After all, there are so many things to learn about them. Let's discover one of the numerous members of this family, the Smooth Hammerhead shark!

  • The Spined Pygmy shark was known as the smallest shark until the discovery of the Dwarf Lantern shark. Let's learn more about this peculiar shark species!

  • Despite its gigantic size, the Whale shark does not represent any danger to mankind. In fact, this friendly giant often swims in the company of humans. What else can you learn about Whale sharks? Let's find out!

  • How many types of sharks are there? Are the biggest sharks the most likely to attack humans? How big is a Great White shark? Which shark species eat plankton? Why not put your inquisitive mind at ease by reading the answers and more, right here?