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Sharks are intriguing animals, which explains that it is made so popular by the media. In fact, there is so much more to shark than shark attacks. Sharks' News Flash will share with you every piece of news that focuses on these fish. These news are "News Flash", which means they will be resumes of the most recent news about sharks.  

Expect to find out some information about shark species such as the great white shark and the whale shark, some exciting practices such as diving with sharks, learn about some endangered species and some sharks watching tours.  

Sharks' News Flash will share with you the most recent news in order to keep you well informed and in touch with the reality surrounding these apex predators. Check this page regularly for new updates!


The latest news about sharks

right here on "Sharks' News Flash": 

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA:

Three men walked out of court as the charges against them were dismissed. They were charged a few days ago when they were caught in the act feeding sharks during a shark tour. It was done less than 3 miles off the North shore. They were caught right handed by Federal undercover agents posing as tourists. They secretly used a GPS to measure the distance between the boat and the shore, as proof of the criminal offence. The men escaped a jail term of 30 days and a $1,000 fine.

New York, USA:

A scientific report recently published in the journal "Naturwissenschaften - The Science of Nature" implied that sharks may be color blind. Some experts mentioned that shark have long wavelength sensitive cones that do not recognize the color red. They explain that contrasts are used to identify objects rather than colors. This explains why sharks use their keen sense of smell rather than visual cues such as colors.

In 2004, a scientific study implied that Lemon sharks were able to see colors, contrary to other shark species.

Ipswich, Australia:

The residents of the city of Ipswich, in Australia, have been dealing with new problems, beside a flooded city. Some people witnessed Bull sharks swimming down the streets.