Shark Tales

Since the beginning of mankind, humans have been finding out some interesting facts about sharks first hands. In other cases, a mix of facts and fiction are the main ingredients of shark tales.  

There is a great series of documentaries that test these myths. The name of this show is: The MythBusters. Where can you get the DVD's of this show? Find it at: Discovery Channel Store. Watch and learn all about shark tales!  

What kind of myths can you expect to watch on this topic? Well, if you acquire the DVD called: "Are sharks attracted to red?" which is the MythBusters Jaws Special with Shark Week Mini Myths, you will be amazed by what myths or shark tales are confirmed, plausible or busted. 

Here are some of the myths that will be studied by the MythBusters. Do sharks fear their own images? Do punches deter sharks? Can sharks detect a single drop of blood in the water? Is wearing a red bathing suit is like ringing the dinner bell? These are only some of the interesting myths that will be tested and evaluated the final results to be confirmed, plausible or busted. The MythBusters will prove before your eyes what are facts or shark tales. 

If you are interested in more shark tales, I suggest that you read the articles related to this main page. I also invite you to visit the main page of this site called: Shark Anatomy. This will give you great information on sharks and how their organs and body systems function and react to their environment. Sit, read and enjoy learning all about sharks!