Shark attack video clips

While sharks and the fiercest one of them all, the Great White shark, have been portrayed as killing machines by Hollywood and their special effects. While there is no doubt that a shark attack is filled with terror, most of them are not fatal like shown in the movie. In fact, there are several survivors amongst the shark attack victims. "Reality" is what you will see on "real" shark attack video clips.

Where can you get some shark attack video clips? Well, you can find them in both videos and DVD's versions at the Discovery Channel Store. What can you expect to see on a shark attack video documentary?

Well, you will be watching some shark attack video clips in all its frightening reality. You will also listen to the poignant testimonies of shark attack victims and their terrifying experience when for a moment they thought all was lost but then, they managed to either fight off the shark, escape its grip or got lucky as it left after the first bite.

What else can you expect on these DVD's beside shark attack video clips? In numerous documentaries, you will also have tips on: "What to do to avoid shark attacks?" You will also find out that in most cases, sharks will attack mainly out of confusion or when they feel threatened. What kind of confusion? Well, from their perspective, swimmers and especially surfers resemble seals which represent one of their favorite menu items. 

Following the viewing of these documentaries, you will soon discover that the shark attacks shown on these shark attack video clips have little to do with Hollywood's version besides the terror experienced by the shark attack victims. If you wish to learn more information about shark attacks, I encourage you to read the articles related to this main page. Another kind of information that is related to this topic can be read on the main page: Types of sharks. Enjoy!


shark attack videoclips