Shark Anatomy

Sharks have been captivating people's interest since the apparition of mankind. An aura of mystery always has been surrounding these creatures. It does not matter what exactly teases people's curiosity as far as sharks are concerned, the fact is that humans are naturally interested in discovering them. So to have a better understanding of their habits and their way of life, the best place to start our search is by getting to know them inside and out by studying the shark anatomy. You will be amazed by what you will discover about it.

One way to figure in detail the various organs and body systems of the shark is by either viewing it on a DVD or study a diagram in a book. An online bookstore that offers several books and DVD's on this subject is: You can use the following link to get to their website and benefit from their huge inventory offered at great prices: Read and learn all about the shark anatomy in one of those resources.

What kind of interesting facts are related to some parts of the shark anatomy? Well, did you know that shark teeth are replaced continuously through the shark's life? In fact in some species, a shark has between 3,000 and 6,000 at and some sharks can lose up to 30,000 teeth during their lifetime. These teeth can be displayed in as many as 15 rows in the inside of their jaws. When a tooth falls of, it will be replaced by the next one which can replace it as fast as in the next 24 hours. Each specie has its own shape of teeth, depending of the content of their menu.

Concerning the way a shark respiratory system works, it varies according its specie. For example, several species can only breathe when they are moving. Other species such as the Lemon shark, the Nurse shark and the Bull shark can rest at the bottom of the ocean and breathe by opening and clothing their mouth to pump the water over their gills.

As for the shark jaws, unlike mammals that can only move the bottom jaw, the shark can move both his jaws. In fact, his upper jaw can protrude beyond its snout to take a bite or catch its prey. 

You can see that the shark anatomy is as interesting as the sharks themselves. If you wish to learn more about the several organs or body systems of the shark, I encourage you to read the articles that are related to this main page.

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