The Shortfin Mako shark

If you see a Shortfin Mako shark in a public aquarium, the first thing that you will observe in this shark species is the fact that they swim with their mouth open as if they can't close it due to their teeth.

This specie is often encountered by sport fishermen as one of their favorite preys are billfish such as Marlins and Swordfish. In fact, some fishermen have been injured as a Mako shark was either hooked on their fishing line or jumped into their boat. Their taste for Billfish also left some scars on several specimens of this shark species.

Despite their smaller site, their power and aggressive behavior have been resulting in shark attacks on humans, which caused some fatalities as well. Because of these facts, the Shortfin Mako shark has been listed amongst other dangerous sharks such as the Great White shark, the Bull shark and the Tiger shark.

Here are now some other shark facts regarding the Shortfin Mako shark. The maximal length of this shark species is 3.8 m while its weight can reach up to 570 kg. Its scientific name is Isurus Oxyrinchus and it belongs to the order of the Lamniformes. 

The Shortfin Mako shark is known worldwide but is mostly seen offshore in temperate waters but can also be occasionally seen in deeper waters. This shark specie's diet is mainly composed of fish such as tuna, billfish and sharks. 

The Mako shark is ovoviviparous, which means that eggs
hatch in the uterus than live pups will be born during the delivery. This shark species is also known to feed in utero on their under developed and weaker siblings. Each litter will contain between five and ten pups.

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