The Smooth Hammerhead shark

When you think about sharks, your first thought may be about the Great White shark but when you think about unique species of shark, the Hammerhead shark may be one of the first shark species to come to mind. One of the ten Hammerhead sharks species that live in our waters,
worldwide, is the Smooth Hammerhead shark.

The scientific name of Hammerhead shark of this particular specie is the Sphyrna Zygaena and it belongs to the order of the Carchariniformes. Amongst other Hammerhead shark facts, the maximal weight of this specie is 400 kg and its length can reach up to 5.5 m.

The Hammerhead shark habitat, which concerns particularly the Smooth Hammerhead shark, is mainly located in temperate waters worldwide in the regions ranging from southern Canada to Chile and New Zealand.

Smooth Hammerhead sharks eat mainly cephalopods, fish and crustaceans. The Smooth Hammerhead shark is viviparous, which means that it gives birth to live pups. Each litter contains 20 to 40 pups.

Amongst the characteristics of a Hammerhead shark, of
course, you will find that the shape of the head looks similar to a hammer from which its name originates. Its eyes are located at each tip of its unusual snout.  Some scientists say that such a shape an odd position of the eyes give Hammerhead sharks a sensory advantage facilitating their hunting for preys, others affirm that they are more buoyant in the water.

The fins of the Smooth Hammerhead shark, as all the other members of its family, are well prized as they are used in culinary recipes in Eastern Asia. Although finning is a banned practiced by several countries, it is still used in some others.

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