The Sixgill Sawshark

Just like any other living creature, some of its family members are more unusual than others. Let's discover one unique member of these shark species, which is called: the Sixgill Sawshark.

The Sawshark is the only one of two shark species that have six gills instead of five or seven, which represents the usual amount of gills seen in sharks. The other specie sharing the same characteristic is the Frilled shark. Its scientific name is Pliotrema Warreni and it belongs to the order of Plistiophoriformes.  

The Sixgill Sawshark has a saw-shaped snout full of teeth that it used to find preys on sandy and muddy seabed. The main diet of this type of shark is composed of squid, bony fish and shrimps. Its maximal length can reach up to 170 cm but like several unique species, its weight is unknown. 

The type of reproductive system found in Sawsharks is
ovoviviparous, which means that eggs hatch internally and that it gives birth to live pups. Unfortunately, the amount of pups per litter is still unknown.

Sawsharks' habitat is located in Western Indian Ocean off the coast of the southern part of Africa. It has also been found in Western Atlantic Ocean as well as Western Pacific Ocean.

The Sixgill shark is amongst the sharks species that are
considered as a culinary delicacy in Japan.

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