The Spined Pygmy shark

For centuries, the Spined Pygmy shark was known as the
smallest shark species but things have changed since the discovery of the Dwarf Lantern shark, which is now deserving of this title.

As other members of the order of the squaliformes, the Spined Pygmy shark is considered to be an "extreme" specie. For instance, its close cousin, the Greenland shark can match the great white shark in both size and ferocity. The Portuguese shark is considered to be the shark species that lives in the deepest waters, in fact, it has been found as deep as 3,000 feet.

This specie of Pygmy shark, also scientifically known as the Squaliolus Laticaudus, is considered unique as its belly glows due to its natural bioluminescence. It allows it to attract the attention of unsuspected preys swimming near by.

This shark species is also considered to be a deep water shark as it lives at depth of approximately 2000 feet. As the spined Pygmy shark is not as common as other species, its reproductive system and the information on its pups still remain a mystery.

Now here is some information on spined Pygmy shark that is known to humans. Although its maximal weight is still unknown, its length can reach up to 20 cm. Its natural habitat has been observed in deep temperate and tropical waters worldwide. This specie of Pygmy shark are mainly feeding on deep water fishes, squid and small shrimps. 

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