Facts about sharks

Have you always been curious about sharks? Well here are some facts about sharks that you are probably eager to read are right here, on this site. Let's give you a few tasty bites of information. Now, we will give you just enough facts about sharks to tease your natural curiosity and feed your mind. With that said, I encourage you to not only read the content of this page but also are the other pages of this site which are full of resources and intriguing, sometimes shocking, facts.

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What kind of facts about sharks can you find in these resources? Well, let's tease your tastebuds with a few of them. What is the origin of the word "shark" and its meaning? The word "shark" actually comes from the German word "schurke" which means "villain". What is the smallest shark in the world? It is the Dwarf Lantern shark which measurements can vary between 6 and 7.5 inches (16 and 19 cm) in length depending on its gender.

What is the largest shark swimming in our oceans? It is the Whale shark which has an average length between 40 and 45 feet but can reach as long as 65 feet long or more. How many shark species are there? There are between 375 and 475 shark species. Which shark species have the fierce reputation of man-eater? Among the top shark species to be more likely to attack humans are the Great White shark, the Bull shark and the Tiger Shark.

What is the average swimming speed of sharks? It is between 5 and 6 mph although some species like the Shortfin Mako shark can swim at a speed as high as 20 mph. What is the average longevity of a shark living in the wild? The average longevity of a shark is 25 years.

What specie of shark is known to dive at the deepest level? The Portuguese shark is the one specie that has been known to dive at depths reaching 9,000 feet or 1.5 mile. What is the percentage of its body weight does a shark consume in food? It is 2% which compared to humans is actually a smaller portion of food.

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